DELTA SIGHTSEERS Stephenand Joel recently came in second place in the Delta Siteseer Challenge. Competing as The Awesomest Brothers, they were flown to Budapest, Copenhagen, Buenos Aires and Dubai, where they were filmed for the Delta homepage. You'll also be able to catch them as part of the inflight entertainment on upcoming Delta flights. (posted 9/29/07)

JOEL IS CUPMAN!!! Joel has become the spokesman for Planet Smoothie. He's now touring the country dressed as a giant cup. Check out his schedule and blog here. Check out his latest videos here. (posted 3/19/07)

JOEL AS CUPMAN Joel wants to be the new spokescup for Planet Smoothie. Watch his original music video, then vote for him! (posted 2/17/07)

RAD-UATE SCHOOL #2 SCREENING IN NYC The second episode of RADuate School, written and directed by Tony, will be screening at Channel102 in New York on Mon. the 29th. Info about the screening here. Watch the first episode here.

INVISIBLE CITY IN GLASGOW Our video, Invisible City, continues its world tour with a screening on January 23rd at the Center for Contemporary Art in Glasgow, Scotland. Details here.

INVISIBLE CITY IN ICELAND If you missed Invisible City when it screened in NY, you can catch it during VideoVaka, a video series at the galleriBOX in Akureyi, Iceland on Jan. 5 at 8:30 PM. (posted 1/4/07)

RAD-UATE SCHOOL #2 SHOW AT 102 RADuate School, written by and starring Tony and directed by Joel was voted the number two show at Channel102, held at Tribeca Cinemas in NYC. (11/26/06)

INVISIBLE CITY #1 SHOW AT 102 Our video short Invisible City, created by Stephen and Andrew garnered the highest number of votes at the September 25 screening of Channel102, held at Anthology Film Archives in NYC. (9/25/06)

MARMADUKE PROJECT A HIT! Stephen's Marmaduke Project, was featured on the pop-culture blog, and chosen as's pick of the day. Meanwhile, our Survivor Theme Song Parody was featured on's humor page.

has just helped launch Stacked, the brand new blog of the Mercantile Library in Cincinnati.  If you like books, Cincinnati, and/or being slightly less bored at work, you should check it out.

BONE BOYS AT FRESH MEAT, NYC Our video short will screen at 9 pm, September 19th. Catie Lazarus (ECNY "Best Comedy Writer," Daily Show) hosts Fresh Meat, a comedy variety show at Comix, 353 West 14th
Street (and 9th Avenue) $15 Cover, no drink minimum but food and drink is available, (posted 9/17/06)

JOEL AT SWEET Joel will be performing on Thursday, Jul 13th at the Slipper Room in NYC as a guest on Seth Herzog's hilarious weekly show, Sweet. Tickets are $5 and doors open at 8 pm. 7/13/06

ECO Stephen is currently directing the movie “Eco the Enviroclown,” a short written by Daily Show writer Rob Kutner and starring Joel with music by Andrew. The Daily Show's Samantha Bee also stars, along with Wonder Showzen's Mike Birch and produced by Emmy Award winner Bruce Kennedy. 7/12/06

ABE & APE SCREENING IN SEATTLE Our video short Abe & Ape, created by Stephen and Tony with music by Andrew and Chris is being screened Wednesday June 14th at Seattle's ComedyNight at the Mirabeau Room. 9 pm. Tickets are $5. 6/14/06

OUR FANS SPEAK UP! Shout out to Cameron Croft and Austen Zaleski who have send us some delightful Cyborgo Fan Art. 6/5/06

JOEL AT SWEET Joel will be performing on Thursday, April 20th at the Slipper Room in NYC as a guest on Seth Herzog's hilarious weekly show, Sweet. Tickets are $5 and doors open at 8 pm. 4/19/06

A BOY’S PERSPECTIVE Andrew's created another comic for This one is about his adventures in his high school theater club circa 1991. Check out his previous comics here and here. 2/27/06

BONE BOYS IN NYC & LA Our latest video, Bone Boys, starring Tony and Joel, screened on Sunday at LA's Channel101, will also be screened at New York's, Channel 102 on Tuesday, March 28th, 8:30 PM at the Anthology Film Archives. For details about the New York screening, go here. 3/27/06

HI-JACKED IN SEATTLE Our video short Hi-Jacked, created by Stephen and Joel with music by Andrew is being screened Wednesday March 15th at Seattle's ComedyNight at the Mirabeau Room. 9 pm. Tickets are $5. 3/14/06

MO PITKIN'S Joel will be performing with comedians Seth Herzog, Todd Levin and others at a post-Purim show on March 14th at 10pm at Mo Pitkin's House of Satisfaction, 24 Ave A, NYC. Tickets are $10. 3/14/06

THE SHUSHAN CHANNEL Stephen co-producedThe Shushan Channel, a live sketch show at NYC's Makor on Monday, March 13, guest starring the Daily Show's Ed Helms and Best Week Ever's Pete Holms. Stephen also directed the Hot Jewish Girls video short promoting the event, written by Daily Show writer and SMP photo-essayist Rob Kutner and featuring Shek with Stella's Andrea Rosen and the UCB's Julie Klausner, with music by Andrew. The show benefited the environmental group, Hazon. 3/3/06

A BOY’S PERSPECTIVE Andrew's created another comic for This one's about gym class. Check out his previous comic here. 2/27/06

HI-JACKED Hi-Jacked, a five minute pilot starring Stephen and directed by Joel, with music by Andrew screened at Channel101 in LA, where it received 52% of the live audience's vote. "If you watch one '24' inspired show this year, watch this one. It rises well above spoofery and stands on its own as an inspired piece of entertainment." – Channel101's Dan Harmon. 2/10/06


Abe & Ape
by Stephen Levinson

by Stephen and Joel Levinson

Bone Boys
by Tony and Stephen

by Andrew Lin

Cedric & Gerard: Poster
by Edmund Osterman

More Cedric & Gerard here.

Classics Alive! The Caine Mutiny
by RJ White & Edmund Osterman

More Classics Alive here.

Crazy Robot: Syrup
by Stephen Levinson

More Crazy Robot here.


President's Day Quiz (game)
by Chris Messick

Sherlock Holmes
by Stephen Levinson

Sports: Explained
by Michael Northrop

2006 American League Baseball Preview

by Chris Messick & Shek Baker

The panel debates how awesome Maryland is.

Song About VD of the Week
by Tony Zaret

Oops, I Did It Again
by Louis Armstrong
Long before Britney did it again, Louis Armstrong sang "Oops"

Three Dogs
written by Andrew Lin. Read by Shek Baker

The story of a man and his three dogs.

These Friends of Mine
Performed by Shek Baker


So I'm in the US Navy, stationed in Italy, and I go to Rome every chance I get to party. There's one particular club that I go to, because even though I hate hip-hop and I don't dance, I get in for free and get free drinks, because I'm friends with the bouncers.

So I went there with a CD, asked the DJ to play it, said it was the newest dance craze, just getting popular in the states. They trust me there, so the guy put it on. Everyone's dancing to the music, until this song comes on. They WERE dancing, but once they heard the lyrics "Drop down and take a shit on a baby," the entire club stopped dancing, with the exception of the few Italians who don't speak English.

So basically, I'm not allowed in there anymore, but it was TOTALLY worth it to see the look on everyone's face.

Thank you for that.

- Jerrad, Rome

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Invisible City #2
A terrifying ghost story direct from Invisible City.
Episode #1 here.


Ad Men
The Ad Men must step outside their comfort zone to sell dog food.


The Marmaduke Project
Variations in the key of Marmaduke.

Racist Survivor
The theme song to the hit new season of Survivor.


X-Treme Computing

Are you MAN enough to handle my iBook G3, aka ”The Tiger.”


Vintage Fountain Pen Writing Club: Volume II

Street Moves
The gritty, and all-too-real tale of New York City street dancing.

now on our video page.


Vintage Fountain Pen Writing Club

Small Hospital

are now on our video page.

Cedric & Gerard

Cell Phone

by Edmund Osterman

Sherlock Holmes

The Case of the Spider Bite

by Stephen Levinson, Andrew Lin & Shek Baker



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Comics by Supermasterpiece's
Andrew Lin

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