Is it the bright blue of his vest? No.
Is it the psychotically cheery yellow nametag that screams “Brian!”? No.
Is it the adult acne that is raping his 30 something face? No, that’s not it either.

“Can I help you?” he asks.

Yeah, that’s it.

Do I look like I need help, you freak? I’ve got an armload of DVDs, three stereo cables, and I’m checking out the blank CD-Rs. I think I’m finding everything I need quite nicely today, Brian. And I politely tell him so.

“Ok. Well, if you need anything, I’ll be right over there.” He points to the end of the aisle. I nod without looking at him. Really, I couldn’t bear another look. Those eyes are haunting. They are a sign handwritten in blood in the back window of a station wagon. A sign that says “Send Help.” Brian hates working at Best Buy. And I hate being at Best Buy. So in our hatred, we are brothers. Brian is a sad sack of shit. Brian had hopes. Fresh out of the University of Iowa with a degree in Software Development and Internet Communications (or “Bullshit” as his father called it), Brian thought that he was set. He was the next Bill Gates. The next Steve Jobs. The up and coming Bull-God of the computer industry. By the angels, he had Ideas!!!! And he was gonna show this world A Good What For!!!!

I peek to my left and see the IT Minotaur staring at me from down the aisle. Right where he said he’d be.


He catches my eye, and comes rushing oiver; eager to show his supervisor that he’s a go getter! I think fast and drop my stuff all over the floor. Brian flawlessly switches gears from “Can I help you?” to “Here let me get that.” He squats down. I fake a squat and then run for the door as fast as I can. Brian looks up, hurt. As if I’ve betrayed his trust. In his eyes I see a thousand similar scenarios, all ending with people running away from him; his mother, his sister, his girlfriend; the list is as endless and black as the depths of the ocean... Only his is an ocean of pain. He doesn’t really want to help you find what you are looking for. No. He wants you to help him find what he’s looking for. And what he’s looking for is much more complicated than a 12pin serial printer cable.

Sorry buddy. You work at Best Buy. And I hate Best Buy.

Aaron B's Rating: 3 out of 10