Andrew Lin's Mountain of Sadness

The Ghost 6/16/04
The Balloon Race 6/24/04
The Cursed Figurine 6/30/04
A Day Down at the Fishin' Hole 7/6/04
Cock Grinder 7/8/04
The Greatest Idea 7/12/04
Rocket Flight 7/15/04
Superball 7/15/04
Retarded 7/22/04
Negligence 7/26/04
Brad: Amazing 7/29/04
Mistaken Identity 8/2/04
Faulty Wiring
The Hilly Valley
The Mouth of Hell 8/30/04
Car Racing

Phil and Sam: The Zombie Hole 9/13/04
The Worst Thing in the Entire World
The Bean: Giant Eggplant 9/20/04
Doctor Patient Privilege 9/28/04
Sitting Quietly and Reading 10/5/04
The Craziest Bus 10/11/04
Leaf Me Alone 10/18/04
The Lizard Men 10/25/04
The Adult Adventures of Phil & Sam 11/01/04
Leaf Me Alone II: The Song 11/8/04
Adventure In the Skies 11/15/04
Phil and Sam: Cold Turkey 11/21/04
First Cops on the Moon: One 11/29/04
First Cops on the Moon: Two 12/6/04
First Cops on the Moon: Three 12/13/04
Dr. Invento: Time Travellin' 12/20/04
Mountain Crash 12/27/04
The Ghost 1/3/05
There is a Force More Powerful than the Sun 1/10/05

First Cops on the Moon: Four 1/25/05
First Cops on the Moon: Five 2/1/05
First Cops on the Moon: Six
The Oldest Possible Man in the World
Why We Must Never Make Fun of Old People
Toby Applebutton and His Magical Life
Harbinger of the Night
Death and Robert G.
Giant Pigeon Head
The NEW Adventures of Britney Spears
Rex Greene: World's Greatest Astronaut
World's Most Annoying Pets
4 Comics about Pets
Zartox 4 and Lifeguard: The Power of Prayer
Multiple Personalities
If Voltron Had Been Made Out of Fried Chicken
The Moral Dilemma
Cyborgo: Part 1
Cyborgo: Part 2
Cyborgo: Part 3
Cyborgo: Part 4
The Magical Buttercup Valley
Knife Fight Drama
Fighting the Poison
Premature Burial
A Brand New Friend
Warriors for Christian Glory
Friendly Prism
The God of the North Wind
Coffee's Amazing Secrets
Don is a Gambler


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