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A Regular Guy's Guide to Moisturizing

How to Talk More Awesome

Mailbag #1

Mailbag #2

You Will Never Beat My Score At Windows XP Solitaire

Okay, Fine.  So Maybe You Will Beat My Score At Windows XP Solitaire

Supermasterpiece TV Review
K-TV's "Happy Together"


Olympians, Arise: Your Country Needs You

My Hangovers Through The Years: A Personal Journey


The Messick Report
by Supermasterpiece CEO Chris Messick

Linguists? Fuck 'em

Proposed Merger

Productivity Enhancement

Voter's Guide

Supermasterpiece History

The Subway

Spring Cleaning Week

Think of the Homeless


Presidents Quiz

Road Trip
An interactive virtual road trip simulation.



Chess Rap
With Andrew Lin. 

I did the beat, and the middle rap. 

Oops! I Did It Again
(original Satchmo version)

With Shek Baker and Kurt Stockdale

I produced this and did the piano, drum, and tuba part. 

A Bissel Rap
With Joel Moss

I did the beat.

Here We Go Now (remix)

A booty loosening remix of the hit single "Here we Go Now".

Washed Up Celebrity Rap (instrumental)



Future Week Masthead

Robots are the only things I can draw. 




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