JD Ryznar, "The Fashionmaster" spent some time on the red carpet at the Academy Awards doing what America loves best: making snide comments about the shit that celebrities wear to the ceremony.

  No one's buying it, Beyonce. That tan is fake.
  Johnny Depp always blurs the line between fashion and freak show. Looks like this year, his taylor took that idea and ran with it.
  Sometimes a man is only as appealing as the person on his arm. That being said, it's really noble of Leo, Hollywood's sexiest and most sought after bachelor to show up at the Oscars with an overweight, disgustingly ugly woman. God bless you, Leonardo. Still doesn't win him any points with The Fashionmaster, though. That suit is dull as an old penny sanded down with shit.
I've always says the most unnapealing thing about Puffy Daddy has always been his big head.
  Ok, you love each other. We get it.
  It's tacky enough to come to the Oscars in a T-shirt. But c'mon Carlos, your own band? Was your .38 Special shirt at the cleaners?
  She may have been stuffed like a Polish Sausage with drugs in her movie, but last night, Catalina Sandino Moreno was high on style. She easily tops The Fashionmaster's best dressed list. If you can learn one thing from Catalina, ladies, it's that accessories are KEY.



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