The Sheldon “Shek” Baker Archives


Choosing A Girlfriend The ten varieties of girlfriends you can choose from.

The DIY Seder Celebrate Passover in your own home.

How to Go to Sleep Cures for insomnia

Destination: Awesome!
Shek documents his journey from Los Angeles to Salam, Virginia.

1. Day One
2. Day Two
3. Day Three
4. Day Four
5. Day Five
6. Day Six
7. Day Seven

Shek's Capital Idea
A travel guide of the capitals of Europe

1. London
2. The Hague
3. Sofia
4. Prague
5. Berlin
6. Copenhagen
7. Athens


Escape from Space Planet Prismos Escape! (creator, writer, David Dare)

’Nama (Corporal Fishman)


These Friends of Mine A new country classic. (Performer)

Oops! I Did it Again The original Louis Armstrong recording (Armstrong)


The Time Hole A special Shit-Week comic by Shek.