Destination: Awesome
On February 21st, 2005, travel correspondent Shek Baker left Los Angeles in an automobile and embarked upon an epic journey that would traverse twelve states, four major rivers and an entire country, ultimately leading to New York City. As the first person to ever undertake such a novel endeavor, he decided it his historic duty to record his travels using camera and pen. Amid biblical downpours that threatened to erode away the very earth that undergirded his highway routes, Shek bravely took to the road and somehow navigated his way out of the quickly submerging metropolis…


Day 1 – Los Angeles

God's furious wrath before (above) and after (below).

Heart: broken. Dreams: crushed. Escape: highly inconvenient. And ugly. And rainy.

I guess a good time to move out of a city is when Planet Earth decides to try eating it. Ordinarily, the weather in this town ranges from 'nothing' to 'a damp wind,' and even then driving out as far as the suburbs is a Sisyphean, hours-long ordeal carrying the very real risk of swallowing enough smog to rearrange your DNA. Now imagine fighting those endless lines of cars and trucks, five lanes wide, while water comes down like a dam break, sinkholes are sucking the interstate into the netherworld and the mountain mud is driving smashed and splintered mcmansion debris into the roadway. It's ok if you're having trouble; your basic human just doesn't have that much mind to blow.




The elusive dinosaurs of Cabazon (artist's conception)

This whistle stop in between the ocean and the playland of the Palm Desert is known for two things: an unceasing parade of outlet malls, and those cute giant dinosaur statues that showed up in Pee Wee's Big Adventure, Paris, Texas and a bunch of other movies. In addition to their appeal as adorable roadside kitsch, these pastel constructions have superpowers that make them invisible to people. By which I mean 'me only.' Where the hell are these critters supposed to be, exactly?

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