Vote or Cry
Much was made in this election about the power of the youth vote. P. Ditty, Bruce Springsteen and Michael Stipe all took to the road in a last-minute attempt to encourage the young people of our nation to register and get to the polls on election day. Like the similar “Rock the Vote” campaign in years past, most of these efforts were focused not on one particular candidate, but on countering disenfranchisement in general.

Though Americans voted in record numbers this year, the statistics regarding the youth vote were worse than pathetic. According to the Wall Street Journal, not a single American aged 10-18 even bothered to show up at the polls. Not one.

There are a variety of possible explanations for this: perhaps none of the candidates spoke to the issues most dear to these voters, issues ranging from acne to fruit roll ups to Nintendos. Perhaps voter supression tactics really did have a detering effect. But none of these theories can explain the frightening apathy so clear in these statistics.

If these children can't sacrifice the small amount of time it takes to put down their beers, get in their cars, and drive themselves down to the polls, then America's future is in very dangerous hands indeed.


CORRECTION: There was a small typo in last week's edition of supermasterpiece.com.
The editorial "Burning Bush" (November 1, 2004) should instead have been entitled "America Let's Not Get Kerry-ed Away." Additionally, the line which read "Only John Kerry has the vision and the diplomacy necessary to win the war on terror" should have read "Kerry's vision for using 'diplomacy' to win the war on terror shows that he lacks decisiveness, and is probably homosexual". Finally, the statement "Another four years of Bush would veer America dangerously to the right" should have read "Another four years of Bush would veer America whimsically in the right direction." These corrections aside, we here at Supermasterpiece have stood alone amongst the raving, liberal "elite" in endorsing our next President, the FBI and the noble people in the Department of Homeland Security, and have great faith in their generosity in rewarding their loyal constituants.