Computerized Magic!!!

by Stephen Levinson

Ask any child what the top two most awesome things in the world are and you'll get the same answers: Magic and Computers. For far too long, these disparate, yet equally entertaining worlds have been kept apart... unnaturally apart, if you ask us. But once the idea of somehow combining the mysterious world of Magic and the fast-paced, electrifying world of Computers crossed our minds, the very idea of having to endure one or the other of them alone, even for a split second, seemed hopelessly dull.

With this sense of urgency acting as the wind on our sales and the fire under our asses, Supermasterpiece gathered together our very best programmers, and our very best magicians, locked them in a conference room and told them they couldn't leave until they'd somehow merged their unfathomable arts into a brand new medium. Ironically, it was the programmers who somehow managed to escape... but not before they created: Computerized Magic!

In our very first edition, we take the classic card trick, and blast it into the 21st Century. It's magic like you've never seen it before!

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