xAxwq: Earthling, I want to know more about your world. Start with this... what is this thing?

Stephen: Oh, that’s Count Chicken McNugula.

x: What’s “chicken”?

s: A chicken is a bird that humans eat.

x: So, this is what a chicken looks like.

s: Actually, no. This is a chicken Mcnugget. We take a chicken, we kill and “process” it, then we form the bits up into little nuggets, and we coat them with breading.

x: I see that you managed to preserve the chicken’s eyes and mouth.

s: Well, no. That’s a McNugget that’s dressed up as Count Dracula.

x: So, humans eat Count Draculas?

s: Actually, Dracula is a vampire. Vampires eat people. Only, they don’t actually exist. It’s just a story.

x: A story about a McNugget that eats people?

s: Um, more or less.

(xAxwq takes a bite.)

x: ouch!

s: Yeah, don’t eat that. That’s not an actual McNugget, it’s a plastic replica. It’s a toy for kids.

x: I see, so you would buy this at a toy store?

s: Actually, you get it for free, in a restaurant.

x: I thought a restaurant was a place where they sell food.

s: It is.

x: So, a restaurant is a place where they sell edible food, but they also give away free plastic replicas of food dressed up like vampires. Why do they do this?

s: So people will want to buy their food.