Rain of Photons:

A Space Invaders Novella

Book 1 of the Space Invaders Decology

By Stephen Levinson

Chapter 1: Lana

I don't think I got as much as three hours sleep the entire week after Lana walked out. Maybe I was still in shock. I shouldn't have been; I suppose she'd been pushing me away right from the start. But things really changed about a month ago. Suddenly, everything I did was wrong. I embarrassed her in public. She said I wasn't letting her be independant. We never talked anymore.

The last thing to go, and the thing I'll miss the most, was the lovemaking. She'd be asleep by the time I got off duty, back turned towards my side of the bed. Or she'd push away when I tried to kiss her, telling me I was invading her space.

That at least was something I could understand. You see, my name is Buck Defender, and I'm a Gunner 1st Class at the Earth Commission For Defense From Space Invaders. I was drafted five years ago, just a week after the first alien invasion fleet marched across the horizon and into humanity's nightmares.

Chapter 2: Red Alert!

The scream of the siren jolted me back from my reverie, and the walls of my minipod flashed red. Red: the color of fire, the color of blood. Earth had been seeing a lot of red these past few years.

The first time I saw a Space Invader's invasion fleet I was terrified and confused. Why did they make that weird marching sound? Why did they mosey back and forth across the night's sky, slowly at first, then ever faster? Why didn't they just come directly at us? These days I don't question anymore. I just point my phaser towards the enemy and fire.

Ten minutes after the alarm rang, I was in position. An alien missile crashed just yards away from my Hovershield, I fired my blaster, and it hit the third alien from the right on the second row. I fired again, this time I hit the forth alien in the first row. As a flying saucer tore across the sky high above the fray, I hit the sixth alien in the third row. By this time, my Hovershield was as torn up as a piece of swiss cheese. I darted across the ground and dove to the safety of another shield, only pausing to destroy the second alien from the left on the third row.
I could tell it was going to be a very rough day.

To be continued...

Stephen Levinson is a co-founder of Supermasterpiece.com. Exerpts from his bestselling trilogy, The Donkey Kong Horizon, can be found here.