Supermasterpiece Food Reviews

Matzo: A+

From the radical direction the Yehuda Brand is taking, to your traditional but delicional Manischewitz, we love Matzo for it's crisp, simple texture and its great taste. Whether you eat it plain or with a shmear of butter and a dash of salt, this crazy cracker is the hearty cornerstone of a great meal.


Matzo is called the bread of affliction. The Maneschewitz company doesn't exactly use that as their slogan, but they might as well. Into one crunchy piece of that cardboard nightmare lies concealed the binding power of an entire forest of bananas. And eat that shit for an entire week, as I'm commanded to do, and suddenly the Hebrew God is waging a one-diety dietary war against your colon. And winning.

F- (from Supermasterpiece Food Reviews, Passover 2002)

Stephen Levinson is's Matzo critic. More of his matzo reviews can be found here.