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Anyone can write a song about love gone bad. But only a select few can write a song about love gone very, very bad. Like, it's gone so bad that there is some sort of unpleasant discharge coming out of your genitals. Ice Cube wrote just such a song when he wrote "Look Who's Burnin'"

The song begins with a skit that takes place not in the middle of a drug deal gone bad like so many gangsta raps skits of the era, but at the Free Clinic, with a man named Philip Brown discovering that he has "the drips." A great funky, jazzy, James Brown-ish sample kicks as Cube describes a variety of "bitches" who are now "dripping like a faucet." One girl wouldn't "give it" to just any brother - until she met a "college boy." This clean cut college boy should be drip-free, right? WRONG. This "bitch" now has painful, buring gonorrhea.

Instead of the traditional "bridge" that many songs have after the second chorus, "Look Who's Burnin'" has an extended interlude of a man pissing and moaning (literally), before Ice Cube delivers some immortal words of advice: "You should've put a sock on the pickle / and your pussy wouldn't be blowin' smoke signals."

The song ends with a haunting line repeated over and over: "What have I done stuck my dick in?"

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