“The Rambler”
Molly Hatchet

Sometimes, you get a new woman, and you want to celebrate real hard. Sometimes, your woman leaves you, and you get the blues real bad. And SOMETIMES, you have to dump your girlfriend.

That’s where “The Rambler” comes in. You see, back in the 1970s, rather than going through a bunch of strained speeches about how, “It’s not you, it’s me” when you wanted to end things, all you had to do was a lay a simple phrase on her: “I got to ramble.” You could leave, never see her again, never call or write, and feel OK about it. Because you were out rambling. And your now ex-girlfriend would understand, because she would know that the call of ramblin’ is more than any man can resist. And when you got done “ramblin’,” she would be more than happy to sleep with you again. So, the next time you have to end a relationship because you want to drive around the country sleeping with a bunch of anonymous partners, put on this song for your significant other. It is so sweet, they’ll forget you even left.

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