“Miracle Man”
Ozzy Osbourne

This song belongs to the now defunct genre of rock songs that shit on Televangelists.

You see, back in the 1980's, the televangelists used to go on TV saying that rock and roll was the devil's music, and that you shouldn't buy it. Rockers were even more offended by being told that their satanic rock songs were devil music than Christians were by all the metal songs about the devil, as evidenced by all the songs that came out shitting on hypocritical televangelists. As Bret Michaels of Poison wrote, “I see him on the TV / Preachin’ ’bout the promised land / Tells me believe in Jesus, steals the money from my hand.” Even Genesis had a song about it (remember “Jesus He Knows Me”?). But the all time most kick ass song about those phony Jesus freaks is "Miracle Man" by Ozzy.

It is a real fast song, in the vein of such Ozzy classics as “Over the Mountain” and “Bark at the Moon,” but for some reason it doesn’t get as much play as those ones do, even though it has this crazy robot voice in it that makes it sound so evil that even Jimmy Swaggart would have had his socks rocked off by it as he sat in prison for being a total fraud.

Plus, Ozzy guitarist Zakk Wylde fills the song with his trademark “SQUEEEEEEEEEEE” sounds.

Hearing this song will make you feel like you are getting the best Oral (Roberts) you have ever had.

Download “Miracle Man” from No Rest for the Wicked

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