“Hungry for Heaven” by Dio

Have you ever felt like a runner, chasing yourself? Or a dancer, dancing on air? Have you ever thought about NOT believing in your dreams? Then you need to hear this inspirational classic from the Elvin master of pop-tinged early 80's power metal, Ronnie James Dio, and his rock group. Dio. This song features a sweet "Teenage Wasteland" rip-off chord change, then it goes into a heavy Judas Priest kind of charging riff, above which Dio describes the listeners problems, such as, "You're a ninja, the last in line," and "You're an ocean, running cold running warm." Basically, all the problems are just a bunch of opposite words, finally reaching the thunderous chorus, in which we find out that we are Hungry For Heaven, BUT we also need a little hell. Basically, Dio teaches you that as much as you love Jesus and Heaven, you need to party and fuck, too. And that is what makes life, and this song, so very special.

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