“Keep Playin' that Rock and Roll”
by The Edgar Winter Group

Many Rock and Roll performers have a fear of "selling out." One day, you have a loyal core of fans that enjoy your unlistenably amateur garage band, and the next thing you know, you accidently learn how to play your instrument and write a good song. Suddenly, you are surrounded by "phonies" who would like nothing more than for you to make MONEY off of your music. THE HORROR. But sweet albino rocker Edgar Winter doesn't see things this way. Edgar was brave enough to write a song about how he really WANTED to sell out, despite all the naysayers telling him that he shouldn't. "Keep Playin' that Rock and Roll" explains why he plays Rock music, even though it is "commercial." You see, he has a dream. A dream of MAKING MONEY. He isn't rocking to save the world, he is rocking to "save [his] money up for when [he] gets old." What could be less indie-punk-cred concious than that? Well, how about song that sounds sort of like Chicago on 'roids, with brassy horn charts and deep-fried ZZ-Top / chicken-pickin' guitar licks courtesy of Rick Derringer? The next time someone complains to you that their favorite band has sold out, just play them this song, and it will give them a whole new perspective.

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