“Parchment Farm” by Blue Cheer

What is the worst punishment you could imagine receiving? Being eaten alive by ants? Raped to death? Well, these are nothing compared to the worse torture of all, having to sit on a Parchment Farm. According to the lead singer of Blue Cheer, he "never done did nobody no harm." In fact, it turns out, that "all [he] did was shoot [his] wife"! Can you imagine? And as a matter of fact, "she wasn't no good"! So if anything, he was doing society a favor. After all, when someone isn't no good, the best thing you can do for them, and the world, is shoot them.

Also, it helps to play a 4 minute guitar solo in the middle of a song, then another two minute solo at the end. I wish I could comment on some of the other lyrics of this song, but you've read them all already. However, I will say that this song is real heavy and kick-ass in a primitive sort of way. I think Blue Cheer is sort the missing link between the Troggs (performers of "Wild Thing") and Black Sabbath. So let them rock you.

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