“Fantasy” by Aldo Nova

What is the nature of reality? Philosophers pondered this question for centuries. Then, one day in 1982, the question was answered by rockers Aldo Nova. According to them, “life is just a fantasy,” and NOTHING is real. Not the “neon lights” “shining bright.” Not “the girls with dresses so tight” who will give you love “if the price is right.” Not even several other things that end in “ite,” such as the “powder pleasure in your nose tonight." Aldo Nova were brilliant enough to write a song with two verses, nearly every single line of which rhymes with the same syllable AND deconstruct the very nature of reality. Plus, they put in some really wicked Ferrari-rock synth and guitar lines. If you don't know what Ferrari rock is, listen to this song. Also, there is one of those sweet guitar solos that sound great in your headphones, where the dudes on the left and right audio channels try to out-shred each other. You know what I'm talking about. One guy goes “wheeeeeeee doodly doodly doodly doodly,” the other guy goes “dweet dweet dweet dweeeeeeeeeeeee doodle oodl doodle oodle,” and so on, back in forth, until all of your brain is destroyed in a rock and roll battle whose only losers are people who don't get to hear it and, presumably, the members of Aldo Nova, whose love of sweet nose powder could only have ended badly.

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