“Words Are Not Enough”
by Frehley’s Comet

Who here is tired of the song "More Than Words" by Extreme? If the year is 1991, then I bet all of you are saying "yes" right about now. But let's say you can't get enough of songs that express the sentiment that telling people you love them isn't enough, because if you want to feel good, you need to do it (you know, have SEX). Then it is time to turn to a song that is thousands and thousands of times more rockin' than that moldy Extreme chestnut, "Words Are Not Enough" by Frehley's Comet featuring ex-Kiss guitarist Ace Frehley. One great thing about this song is that it contains an intriguing allusion to a woman who wants to make love to Ace, but is afraid to tell him about her VD: "when you're close to me / You get that look in you eye / A burning feeling, you just can't disguise."

Another great thing about this song is it has a sort disco-y single note riff in the intro, which later gives way to big crunchy chords, just like in Ace's classic "New York Groove."  And it has one of those moments where the beat stops, the singer yells something sweet (in this case, "To make me feel like a maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan [THUMP] in love!") and then the song starts jamming again. Plus, there's just enough "Jump"-ish synthesizer to give the song a really slick sheen, which also makes Ace's "I just learned the guitar" solo seem that much more raw and dirty.

Actually, words really aren't enough to describe how awesome this song is. You really need to hear the song. Or, pending its unavailability, I will need to make sweet love to you. The feeling deep in your loins at the height of our lovemaking will be comparable to hearing this long-lost track.

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