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Oops, I Did It Again: The Original
Louis Armstrong

You've heard the Britney version, now hear the original in our hilarious parody! Or is it real? No, it is not!

Lifetime Achievement Award
by Aaron Bleyaert

A song about Jacking Off.


Washed-Up Celebrity Rap
MC Happyjoel & DJ Dour


A Bissel Rap
MC Happyjoel & DJ Dour

Our most popular Jewish Rap.


Here We Go Now
Andrew & Aaron

Here we go now...


Life in the Chess Lane
Andrew & Chris

Chess + Rap = fun.


Here We Go Now (remix)
Chris, Andrew & Aaron

... there we went.


Thanksgiving Rap
by Aaron & Tony



Belted it Upon Their Heads Mr. Wilson
A Thanksgiving song.


Do They Know It's Thanksgiving on the Moon Andrew & Stephen
Do they see us being thankful, and wonder what we're doing?


Zombie Andrew
A song about Zombies.


Read Between the Lines Mr. Wilson
Some good advice from literacy week.


New York, New York Mr. Wilson
A brand new cover of a classic.


How to Read Mr. Wilson, Andrew, and Chris
Learn the True Meaning of Literacy Week.


This Year A song by Brian Miclette
A delightful tour of Brian Miclette's New Year's Resolutions in the form of a song.


Shitweek Stephen Levinson

With this hauntingly shitty song, we bid a musical farewell to shit week on Supermasterpiece.

Yule Prog by Supermasterpiece
Ring in the holiday season the way Jesus intended—with prog rock.

Check THIS out.

Sweet, Sweet Music

No matter what your favorite kind of music is, Supermasterpiece has you covered... although it helps if you like jewish rap, songs about literacy, or very disturbing covers of Frank Sinatra classics..

Ever since our first week, we've been posting songs as fast as we could shit them out, and we'll keep on doing it until someone pries the musical equipment out of our cold, dead hands. And considering how often that's almost happened, that's a pretty solemn promise indeed.

Here, collected in one place for the first time ever, are some of the best songs we've ever done.



Essentials of Rock
By Tony Zaret

Tony rocks your world... and your mind, with his extensive knowledge of music.


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