Futurama Head-in-a-Jar Creator I produced a Futurama app for Comedy Central, which broke the top-five free apps in iTunes. Download it for free.

Gary Teaches Guitar I worked on a new show for Channel101: NY, Gary Teaches Guitar

Saving Love I directed a show about Courtney Love and time travel. Watch it at Channel101, and a completely different version at

UK Premiere God & Co. has it's London premiere this November as part of the UK Jewish Film Festival.

Noah's Ark We're currently pitching a show loosly based on our Noah's Ark short. Jonathan Katz, Marc Maron, Maria Bamford and Fred Stoller lend their voices. Stay tuned for details.

We won! God & Co. won the Best Animated Pilot award in the New York Television Festival!

God & Co. at the NYTVF The Noah episode of God & Co. is an official selection at the 2009 New York Television Festival.

Interview with 92nd St. Y blog.

I got a job I'm now working as an associate producer at Comedy Central's mobile site.

The Golem Jason Reich and I wrote and directed this animated short starring Jonathan Katz and Jon Benjamin. You can watch it here. Comedy Central blogged about it here.

NY Mag’s Best Comedy Showcase
Channel 101: NY was just picked as NY’s "Best Comedy Showcase" by New York Magazine.

New York Times Parody
I produced and edited this parody of the New York Times' "Weekender" ads for 92YTribeca. Michael Showalter wrote and directed. Paul Rudd and lots of other comedians star. It's on YouTube here.

Bob Balaban is Noah.
The fourth episode of God & Co. is live on The hilarious Bob Balaban stars as Noah. Jonathan Katz returns as God, and Tami Sagher, Jess Lane and Aaron Bleyaert join in as an assortment of animals. Check it out here.

Getting There in Boston
Getting There is Half the Fun, the latest installment of God & Co., starring Todd Barry, Jonathan Katz, Joe DeRosa, Livia Scott and Shek Baker, will be premiering at the Coolidge Corner Theatre in Brookline, MA on October 23rd. More info here.

Bound for Melbourne
Bound for Gory, the first installment of the God & Co. series, was an official selection at the Celluloid Soup Film Festival in Melbourne, Australia.

On June 1st, Stephen co-produced a fabulous wedding with his beautiful bride, Hannah Kasper. They'll be honeymooning in Iceland for the month of June.

Nextbook show at UCB
I'm writing and producing two animated shorts for a show sponsored by Nextbook at the UCB. Vocal actors include Jonathan Katz of Dr. Katz fame, as well as Julie Klausner, Shek Baker and Sean Modica. More info here. Ed Mundy and Mike Herrod animate.

Help Jewno get nominated
for an MTV Movie Award

Jewno may get nominated for an MTV movie award, and you can help. Go to Funny or Die and vote "Funny" for Jewno. Thanks!

Jewno Goes Viral
Jewno, a parody of the Juno trailer I directed, has gone viral. Check it out on YouTube here. It promoted The Shushan Channel, a sold-out, live comedy show I produced at 92YTribeca. More info here.

You Sent Stephen around the World
Stephen's and his brother Joel won second place in the Delta Siteseer Challenge, after traveling to, and shooting videos in Copenhagen, Dubai, Buenos Aires and Budapest. Check them out on your next Delta flight or at

ECO the Enviro-clown at Apple Store, SoHo
The world premier of Eco the Enviroclown, written and produced by Rob Kutner, and directed by me, will be held at the Apple Store, SoHo on Friday, April 27th at 7:30pm. Joel and Ethan Coen warm up the crowd for us at 4.

About Stephen

I was... I mean... Stephen grew up in Dayton, Ohio and now lives in Brooklyn, New York.

He's an associate producer at Comedy Central's mobile website. He also produces Channel101, a monthly short video competition, held live at 92YTribeca.

He was editor-in-chief of the University of Michigan's 100 year old humor magazine, The Gargoyle. In 2003, he co-founded the comedy website, Supermasterpiece with Andrew Lin and Chris Messick.

Stephen has written and directed videos which have screened at the Tribeca Cinema and Anthology Flim Archive in Manhattan, at the GalleriBOX in Akureyi, Iceland, the Celluloid Soup Film Festival in Melbourne, Australia, the Center for Contemporary Art in Glasgow, Scotland, and even on the internet.

Stephen has appeared on ”Late Night with Conan O'Brien.” He's worked with comedians such as Ed Helms, Rob Corddry and Lewis Black in his role as producer and writer for The Shushan Channel, an annual purim spiel performed at 92YTribeca in New York City, created by Daily Show with Jon Stewart writer Rob Kutner and directed by Mike Shapiro. He's filmed David Cross, Janeane Garofalo, Paul Rudd and other comics and actors through his work producing and directing videos for 92YTribeca.

He frequently collaborates with his fellow Levinson Brother, Joel Moss, most recently on the animated series "God & Co," starring Jonathan Katz.

Stephen lives with his wife Hannah Kasper, and her cat.



stephen.levinson @




FuturamalogoFuturama Head-in-a-Jar Creator I produced this Futurama avatar creator app for Comedy Central, which reached the top five free apps in the iTunes store. Featuring original art and sounds from the show, and unveiled by Matt Groening at Comic-Con 2011.


channel102logoChannel 101 I produced the New York screening of the monthly comedy video show, Channel101, at 92YTribeca for about five years. Voted 2009's Best Comedy Showcase by New York Magazine. Channel101: NY has a sister show in Los Angeles.

The Shushan Channel
I produce the "The Shushan Channel," an annual live comedy show for the holiday of Purim. Mike Shapiro directs. Created by, and produced with Rob Kutner.


The Marmaduke Project Deconstructing Marmaduke.

For Sale: Amazingly Fast Computer I sell my computer on e-bay.

Fine, Just Have the Olympics at My Place an open letter to the city of New York.

4th of July around the Globe

Ride the Tiger Another ebay sale.

What Kind of Pet Should You Get Quiz

Dear China Great Wall a breakup letter

A Brush with Death Jake must save his partner, before it's too late.

Halloween Costume Ideas

Computerized Magic One, Two and Three taking magic into the computer age.

Editorial: The Election

Election Map

Discount Army tips for waging war on the cheap

Farmer Jack A very true story about the healing power of Love.


A letter from John Kerry

McNuggula Conversation with an alien visitor.

Space Invaders Novella

Shit Week Farewell Song

Thanksgiving Suggestions

Food Reviews: Matzo

Predictions for 2005

Yom Kippur Recipes

Sherlock Homes: The Case of the Spider Bite

Candy Analysis (co-writer)

Failed Religions (co-writer)


Wasted Words I'm a panel member of the podcast "Wasted Words," the weekly discussion where everyone is drunk and nobody knows what they're talking about.


Oops! I Did It Again, by Louis Armstrong (concept) Google the title of this Britney song, this parody is what comes up.

Do They Know it's Thanksgiving on the Moon (lyrics)



The Golem (writer, producer) Hassidim create a golem in Brooklyn to keep hipsters at bay. Written with Jason Reich and starring Jonathan Katz and Jon Benjamin. A book plug for Nextbook Press.

Weekender (producer, editor) A parody of the New York Times' "Weekender" ads. Written and Directed by Michael Showalter. With Paul Rudd, Eugene Mirman, Jon Benjamin, Zak Orth and more.

God & Co. Along with my brother Joel, and in association with Tablet Magazine, I'm writing and producing "God & Co." an animated series of comic takes on the Old Testament. Jonathan Katz stars as God.

Meshugene Men (exec. producer) A parody of Mad Men, featuring Amy Sedaris.

Jewno (director) The funniest parody of Juno out there, according to Juno director Jason Reitman. Linked to on Diablo Cody's own blog. Guest starring J.K. Simmons. jewno

Saving Love (director) Courtney Love, Kurt Cobain and time travel. I directed this video for Comedy Central's

Bound for Gory (writer/producer) Jonathan Katz (of Dr. Katz fame) stars in a retelling of the binding of Issac. Julie Klausner plays a slave having "the talk" with her slavedriver in Let My People Grow.

Delta Sightseer Challenge (contestant) My brother and I made this video, and then got flown by Delta to Dubai, Copenhagen, Buenos Aires and Budapest to have fun in front of the camera. Here are the results.

Eco the Enviro-clown (director) A ten minute comedy about the travails of an environmentally-conscious clown in NYC. Guest starring Samantha Bee.

Jack of All Trades (writer)They say that those who can't do, teach. And there's a million things that Shek, the Jack of All Trades, can't do.

Armsstrong (creator, writer, director) Two Armstrongs are trapped in one body. Animation by Adult Swim's spectacular Ed Mundy, and Illustrations by Andrew Lin

Invisible City: Episode 1 (creator, writer, director, editor) A boxer past his prime is blackmailed in the city where everyone is completely invisible. Voted #1 show at NY's Channel 102. With Andrea Rosen and Nick Kroll.

Invisible City: Episode 2 (creator, writer, director, editor) A ghost tale. Screened at NY's Channel 102. With Nick Kroll and John Mullaney.

Abe & Ape (writer, director, editor) Two primates in the prime of their lives. Screened at LA's Channel101.

Hi-Jacked (creator, writer, editor, "Jack") The world's greatest businessman must utilize new skills to rescue his son. Voted Top Failed Pilot at LA's Channel 101.

The Bone Boys (writer, editor). Gonzo parody. Voted Top Failed Pilot at LA's Channel 101.

Welcome to Our House (editor) Written by Julie Klausner and Jackie Clarke, a parody of the YouTube sensation, "Welcome to My House."

Late Night with Conan O'Brien (performer)
I get punched in the face on TV.

Kicking Asteroid! (writer) Rivals must team up to defeat a deadly asteroid. Screened at LA's Channel 101.

Biolevel: Trouble (writer) A situation comedy. Screened at LA's Channel 101. With Craig Baldo.

Putt Putt Ponies (creator, writer)

Call Now (director, editor, co-writer)
Hot Jewish girls are waiting for you.

The Price of Free Pizza (writer)

The Perfect Murder



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