The Videos of Supermasterpiece.

Jack Franklin is the world's greatest businessman. But does he have what it takes to save his kidnapped son?
Bone Boys
You'll never guess what we got Maria to do.
Kicking Asteroids
Our hero is called back to NASA to save the world from an oncoming asteroid. Our first submission to Channel101.
Abe & Ape
They're both primates. And they're both roommates. And that's where the similarities end.
The Invisible City
A fixed fight, a blackmailed husband, a drunk making his last stand—just another day in the Invisible City.
Le Trajedie Des Arte
A look inside the artist's mind.
Small Hospital
Dr. Pat must perform a dangerous IBR in his tiny, apartment-based hospital.
Call Now
Hot Jewish girls are waiting for your call.
Max Woodburn
Rockstar Scottish reporter.

Escape from Prismos
David Dare is trapped on the prison planet.
A soldier returns from a day in Panama to a world he no longer recognizes.
Street Moves
The tragic and all-too-real life of the big city Street Dancer.
Putt Putt Ponies
The world ofbig-money, big-city miniature golf.
Ad Men
Two advertising execs must take bold new risks to sell dog food.

Made-in-an-Afternoon Section
(the following videos were all made in one afternoon)

Tea Time
Please do not watch this video.
Puppet Theater
Five breathtaking puppet shows.
The Contest
In a shitting contest, there can be but zero winner.

The Perfect Murder
Shek and Hannah attempt the perfect murder... or do they?
The Price of Free Pizza
A Free pizza... but at what cost?!?
Just like The Karate Kid, only different.
HTML on this page stolen from The Lonely Island.