Is There a Record Player That Also Plays CDs?

To you, vinyl records offer superior audio quality, but you still like listening to CDs and wish there was a combo product. In today’s article, I’ll tell you if such a product exists.

Is there a record player that also plays CDs? There are indeed record players that also play CDs, and they’re known as all-in-one record players. These record players that also play CDs often offer auxiliary inputs for plugging in a USB and listening to MP3s. Most have Bluetooth connectivity too!

In today’s article, I’ll talk about what an all-in-one record player is, present some great options for record player/CD player combos, and share some tips that will help you choose the best one. 

Let’s get started!

What Is a Record Player That Also Plays CDs?

A record player that also plays CDs is known as record player/CD player combos (which is kind of a mouthful of a name, but I digress).

What’s even more common is the all-in-one record player as I talked about in the intro. This music-playing device not only plays records, and not only CDs but MP3s and other digital music formats as well. 

The attractive packaging of most all-in-one record players (vintage vibes, here we come) makes these players appealing, as does the reasonable price points and variety of ways to listen to music.

If you were in a room full of friends and family and some people were more old-school and others were new-school with how they like to listen to music, you could make everyone happy with an all-in-one record player.

5 Record Players That Also Play Cds

I bet you’re more curious than ever about all-in-one-record players, right? This selection of turntables with Bluetooth, MP3, and CD capabilities will show you what these record players can do.

You might have just found your next gift for a friend, loved one, or yourself!  

Victrola 8-in-1 Bluetooth Record Player and Multimedia Center

Victrola is already a trusted name in turntables, and the brand’s 8-in-1 Bluetooth record player and multimedia center continues that legacy of excellence.

The first thing you’ll notice is how decidedly antique this all-in-one record player looks. It features a mahogany case that opens and closes shut and an old-timey radio dial. 

Yet features like a CD player slot and buttons for aux reveal that it’s a more modern contraption. 

So Victrola calls this all-in-one record player an eight-in-one device but why? That’s because you have eight methods of listening to music, of course!

They include external speaker connections, headphone jack/RCA output/aux cable, AM/FM radio (complete with backlit tuner), included stereo speakers, CD player/cassette, vinyl to MP3, USB drive, Bluetooth, and a three-speed turntable.

The belt-driven turntable can play records at 33 1/3 RPM, 45 RPM, or 78 RPM with fewer vibrations. Built-in speakers produce crisp audio quality as well. 

Crosley CR42D-PA Lancaster 3-Speed Turntable

The Lancaster is a head-turning all-in-one record player by another renowned name in turntables, Crosley. 

Theirs is only a six-in-one entertainment center, so you have fewer formats for listening to music.

The packaging of this all-in-one record player is just as attractive as Victrola’s record player. The Crosley Lancaster has a smooth wooden exterior, a lid that opens and closes (hiding the record player underneath), and a metal interface on the front complete with a CD tray, digital music play buttons, and a radio dial. 

Speakers come built into this all-in-one record player for streaming, playing music on CD, listening on cassette, or even tuning in to your favorite radio station. 

The three-speed turntable plays at 33 1/3 RPM, 45 RPM, or 78 RPM, as was the case with the Victrola all-in-one record player. You can also adjust the pitch control, which is a nice additional feature. 

The Lancaster also includes a Bluetooth receiver that pairs up with the aux-in adapter to play music from nearly every device you can think of. 

Boytone BT-28SPM Bluetooth Classic Style Record Player

If you want a more modern-looking all-in-one record player that still has a vintage flair (think more ‘80s this time), then the Boytone Bluetooth classic style record player could be just what you’re looking for.

The record player included with the Boytone is quite sophisticated. The stylus is built from durable sapphire for playing 33 1/3, 45, or 78 RPM records. 

Its belt-driven system and auto on/off switch also make it easy to put the needle down and listen to music.

Would you like to record a playlist and listen to it for later? This Boytone all-in-one record player lets you record music through SD or USB or cassette tape for the more old-school among us. 

The audio format for SD and USB audio recording is MP3.

Powerful speakers equipped with the audio system make your music played on Bluetooth, aux, SD, USB, cassette, CD, vinyl record, or AM/FM radio sound pristine and divine. 

Pyle Updated Bluetooth Phonograph Record Player

At first glance, you’ll swear this all-in-one record player from Pyle is an old phonograph from days long since gone. How else can you explain the large sound horn?

Then you take a closer look and realize this record player has aux lines and CD trays!

The retro design is just one feature of many that make this all-in-one record player worth talking about. 

Pyle’s record player features wood housing with ornate details crafted throughout. The openings in the wood allow the included speakers to play your audio in top-notch quality. 

Additional fold-out speakers augment the sound further! 

Included music editing software and drivers are ready to convert your favorite vinyl records to MP3 format so you can modernize your music collection if you wish. The software works on PC and Mac alike.

Otherwise, you can listen to music on the Pyle all-in-one record player via USB, AM/FM radio, cassette (you will need a slot-in cassette deck), CD, aux, vinyl record, or Bluetooth streaming. 

As for the record player itself, that’s a three-speed turntable capable of playing tunes at 33, 45, or 78 RPM. 

LoopTone Vinyl Record Player 9-in-1

Some of the all-in-one record players I’ve reviewed so far definitely on the larger side. 

The LoopTone vinyl record player doesn’t sacrifice audio options yet is a lot more contained, making it perfect for apartment dwellers.

This nine-in-one record player offers line-out, aux, SD MMC, USB, Bluetooth, headphone, FM radio, cassette, vinyl record player, and CD listening options.

The digital audio player is for more than enjoying fresh, full-sounding music but can also be used for converting audio from formats such as wav to MP3. 

Its engineered wood base and plastic record player cover, as well as the silver front interface, give the LoopTone vinyl record player a nice ‘90s vibe that will undoubtedly be appealing to those craving a throwback.

The dual speakers promise great audio quality, as the LoopTone all-in-one record player includes an amplifier for volume without the risk of distortion. 

The turntable plays at three speeds: 33, 45, and 78 RPM. If you want to listen to a seven-inch, the LoopTone all-in-one record player comes with a 45 adapter. 

What to Look for When Buying a Record Player/CD Player Combo

You can’t believe you weren’t aware that record player/CD player combos even existed until now. You’re interested in adding one to your collection of music players as you like the all-in-one player’s versatility.

Here’s what you should look for as you begin shopping around.

Brand Recognition

Sure, sometimes you have to be willing to give the littler brands a chance, but maybe not when it comes to a $150+ all-in-one record player.

Since you’re spending a decent amount of money, you want to entrust your purchase to an audio brand you’re already familiar with. 

If you have other products in the house from this brand, then you can reasonably expect a high-quality record player/CD player combo from the brand as well. 

Quality Housing

The housing that comprises the all-in-one record player is not merely a matter of looks but functionality as well.

You need a lid that easily opens and closes so you can access the turntable. The housing should not impede the speakers in any way nor limit you from plugging in aux cables or USB sticks if that’s how you want to listen to music. 

Record Player Protection

Some of the all-in-one record players I reviewed in the last section had plastic lids for the turntables. Most had wood or teak lids that simply opened or closed.

Either option is fine, as what matters most is that the turntable isn’t sitting exposed to dust and debris all the time. 

The fine particles will accumulate on the stylus as well as the other components of the record player and could lead to scratching or unpleasant sounds the next time you put your favorite record on. 

Audio Formats You Need

Some all-in-one record players are only six-in-one devices and others are nine-in-one. 

If you’re someone who can appreciate every audio format under the sun, then you probably would be interested in a nine-in-one device. 

For those who think they’ll mostly use the all-in-one record player for mostly CDs and the turntable and maybe the odd cassette or two, there’s no need for a nine-in-one system. A six-in-one player is just fine. 

Good Turntable

The turntables included with every all-in-one record player are three-speed, and many are belt-driven. 

Considering that every record player/CD player combo I reviewed is priced about the same (give or take), you can expect that the turntables would be about equal as well.

Paying $200 isn’t enough to guarantee you an excellent-quality turntable, but it should be decent at best.

If you’re not over-the-moon with the turntable quality, at least you can listen to music in at least five other ways. 

Reasonable Size 

All-in-one record players, due to the sheer multitude of audio formats they support, tend to be rather large devices. That’s not exclusively the case, but it is more often than not.

You don’t want to have to stack your all-in-one record player on a pile of books or on an old TV in your home. Instead, it needs a flat, level surface free of vibrations, especially the turntable. You will sacrifice audio clarity and quality otherwise. 

If the average size of an all-in-one record player is too large for your living room, then look for a more compact version such as the LoopTone. 

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